Event Management

At Alvasta, we create and promote bespoke events, on the other hand, working with our clients’s budgets, we deliver stress free, structurally planned start to finish events inculcating ushering and cocktail services as the need may be.

Tourism and Hospitality Consulting

We offer concise and in-depth advice on hospitality and tourism, in terms of management, standard operating procedures and marketing. Our areas of strength include;

  • Customer service delivery.
  • Hospitality service training.
  • Brand development and promotion.
  • Management/operation of hospitality and tourism establishments.

Travel/Visa Advisory

At Alvasta, we offer professional advice and support on all classes of visa applications’ to all countries including United State of America, United Kingdom, Schengen Member Countries, United Arab Emirates and so on. We adhere to very strict international standards and codes of conduct.

Ushering and Protocol

Alvasta Protocol and Ushering service is professionally savvy. Every detail of the event is important to us and the service is our core responsibility. As a matter of professional decorum, every function or event is differently approached. We set the tone of the event depending on the type of event whether cultural, corporate national, religion, mixed or crossed-style we shall observe all the necessary codes, values, ethic, conducts and style and above all, we shall deliver the vision/expectation of the host or client to the full with every touch of class and professionalism.

Tour Operators

Transforming your dream tour into reality is our passion at Alvasta. We are happy to show you Nigeria like never seen, or would you rather tour special locations across the world? Alvasta will bring this idea to life and much more. We will deliver to you a truly memorable experience.

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